Easy Networing & Threading Programming tutorial in eC?

Help with the Ecere cross platform system functionality: working with files, threads, timers, databases, etc.
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Easy Networing & Threading Programming tutorial in eC?

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So far I've adventured the eC world and it is so wonderful.I want to start learning networking and threading in eC.For networking,although there is no tutorial up to now,there is a lot of examples in the SDK.It is a bit hard to learn ,but I would like to learn from the code a piece by a piece.Anyway guidlines and/or introductions are much appreciated.

So any brief tutorial/introduction for threading programing in eC?A starter step by step example should do great help as well.

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Re: Easy Networing & Threading Programming tutorial in eC?

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Here's a small sample from the wiki on threading:

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import "ecere"
Mutex mutex { };
Semaphore semaphore { };
MyThread thread { };
class MyThread : Thread
   uint Main()
      return 0;
void Test()
Of particular interest to you might be the threads/threadsAndListBoxes sample, which teaches threading and networking together. I will move the rest of the topic to the networking forums.
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