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Just curious when did DynamicString added in SDK?

I like ecString or just string more than DynamicString,but string is hard to use as it is everywere in source code,I may typedef DynamcString to ecString in my own projects :D

And I think it great to move(at least copy) those string functions(they are great!) in String.ec to be member functions in DynamicString class.
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Re: DynamicString

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Hi Sam!

I somehow missed that post of yours, sorry!

DynamicString is a type which Redj added for use in a few places, including the IDE.
It's in extras, so it's not part of the Ecere runtime library.

It is not to be confused with the official upcoming eC String data type (which I hope we'll have in 2013). That future type should be all that DynamicString can do, it should have all the String.ec functions, and a lot more, but it should also be lighter than DynamicString (which is basically an Array<char>) and more interchangeable with the char *.

That new String type will probably stick to the current 'String' type name (which is already interchangeable with char *).


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