Ecere 0.44D CHM 中文帮助文档【下载】

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Ecere 0.44D CHM 中文帮助文档【下载】

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本人从网络获得一些Ecere 相关html文档,为了方便分享与阅读,特制成了CHM文档,希望能够对各位初学者及本人有所帮助。由于时间仓促,未能全部点开看一下,如果各位在使用中发现什么问题,还请及时在此回复,谢谢!

下载链接:链接: 密码:bzg8

------【 google 翻译中/英文分割线 (google translation Chinese/ English dividing line) 】-------

Annex I to Ecere relevant html document obtained from the network, in order to facilitate sharing and reading, it became a special CHM documents, hoping to help our beginners and himself. Owing to time constraints, not all point to open a look, if you find any problems in use, also please in this reply, thank you!

Add: Password:bzg8

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