Working around the broken 0.44.08 Windows installer

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Working around the broken 0.44.08 Windows installer

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(Note: This has been fixed in 0.44.10)

The Windows installer currently available (0.44.08) is in a broken state.

If you're seeing errors such as:

Code: Select all

%%I was unexpected at this time.
C:/Users/Myself/AppData/Roaming/Ecere SDK/Samples/hello/hello-Debug.Makefile:100: recipe for target 'obj/debug.win32/hello.exe' failed
Fatal Error: child process terminated unexpectedly
then you are sadly suffering from this.

We're rushing to get the next release (0.44.10) ready, but in the meantime here is how to work around the issue:

1. Replace mingw32-make.exe in C:\Program Files\Ecere SDK\tdm\bin by the one found in ... d%29/make/

under the bin_ix86/ folder

This fixes issues with the mingw32-make version that was packaged in the 0.44.08 installer .

2. Build the SDK from source:

a) Either

Use msysgit ( ... 130601.exe ) to clone the sdk with: git clone git://


Download and extract the tarball from

b) From a command prompt (cmd), run mingw32-make inside the ecere-sdk folder (Where you have folders like 'compiler', 'deps', ecere' and the Makefile, LICENSE, INSTALL README, etc.)

c) From an elevated command prompt (cmd, Right Click/Run As Administrator), run mingw32-make install .

This should update the SDK to the very latest and greatest which no longer suffers from these issues.

For those who have not installed with an installer yet, you would need to first install a GCC.
I'd recommend MinGW-w64 packaged by TDM, GCC version 4.7 : ... e/download

(But note that you would still need to replace the mingw32-make by the version linked above)

If you never used the installer, keep in mind you will need to add:

C:\Program Files\Ecere SDK\bin to both the 'Library Files' and the 'Executable Files' paths under the IDE's File/Global Settings/Compilers/

Sorry again for the broken installer, and don't hesitate to get in touch if you're still having problems with this.

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