Ecere SDK 0.44: Open Source Release

I have the great pleasure to announce that the official version 0.44 of Ecere, codenamed “Ryoan-ji“, is now available.
It is the first “official” Open Source release of Ecere (not a draft, or preview).
The Windows installer is available at:
Our Ubuntu Linux PPA on Launchpad is at:
To add our Ecere PPA to your Ubuntu system you can simply do:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ecere-team/ppa
sudo apt-get update
And then to install the Ecere SDK:
sudo apt-get install ecere-sdk
The source tarball for the Ecere SDK 0.44 is at:
It took us some time and great efforts to get there, but we now have what should be a stable and complete release. A quick history of what happened since 0.43 (September 2008):
  • In December 2008, we had released a first open-source draft, 0.44 draft 1, which could bootstrap itself from GCC.
  • In March 2010, we released 0.44 preview 1, with some new features, bug fixes, and new bugs. We also got a new website design, with new phpBB forums.
  • In May 2010, we adopted Git as our version control system. Our source repository is hosted on GitHub at
Both 0.44d1 and 0.44pre1 had some issues, and were lacking a Windows installer and proper Ubuntu PPAs.
Now all this is fixed, and it should be a breeze to get the Ecere SDK installed on your system in no time at all, to try out all the cool samples and features!
What’s new in this version:
  • Native Window decorationstoolbar and tool tips
  • new JSON-based .epj project format and powerful project settings, with powerful per File X Config X Platform Project Settings
  • Internationalization support, with Chinese and Spanish available by setting the LANGUAGE environment variable to zh_CN or es_ES
  • SQLite and Oracle drivers for Ecere Data Access (EDA)
  • Improved eC Distributed Objects
  • Less memory leaking on parsing code
  • Line Numbers in the Code Editor
  • Settings for multiple compilers (e.g. allowing to set up cross-compilers, different GCC versions…)
  • Support for ccache and distcc to speed up your builds
  • New Credits and License dialogs for the About box
  • A bunch of new samples, PowerPoint Tutorials and extras (SSLSocketAudio, WIA Scanning…)
  • Coursework to accompany the Tao
  • A new updated Windows installer, with MinGW (GCC 4.4.0 and GDB 7.0 were selected for working best)
  • PPAs for Ubuntu working on both 32 and 64 bit machines, for Lucid Lynx, Maverick Meerkat, Natty Narwhal, Oneiric Ocelot and Precise Pangolin
  • Numerous tracked issues were resolved, see the complete list at:
A much needed README was added to the source tree, you can read it online at

For those of you who do not yet have an account on the forums, and wish to register, please let me know of your user name for activation, because I unfortunately cannot distinguish spammers from real users.

Now that internationalization support is complete, I would like to invite you all to contribute a translation of Ecere in your native language.
You can use the nice collaborative interface on Launchpad for this purpose, at:
An article I wrote on Cross-Platform Development with the Ecere SDK will be featured in this month’s issue of theSoftware Developer’s Journal - .
It should come out within the next week, I invite you to check it out. It’s an excellent introduction to coding in eC with the Ecere SDK!
For an overview of what lies ahead for Ecere, you can take a peek at:
We will now focus on deploying Ecere applications on the Android platform.
All the best,

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