New Ecere SDK Forums, Ecere SDK 0.44pre1

Hi guys.

Some news in the Ecere world:

As you might have noticed, I started updating the website a bit. We have a new front page with a nice big obvious download button, a new mascott (Oliver the Sea Otter – Ollie). There is still quite a bit more refinements to the rest of the web site content when I find the time to do so.

A new pre-release of the version 0.44 of the SDK has been released. Click the aforementioned big button on the front page to grab it and build it.

To install it on Windows, first install the 0.43 SDK to get the right MinGW setup. You’ll need to rename make.exe in Program Files/Ecere SDK/mingw/bin to mingw32-make.exe as we’ve fixed the new version by default to comply with that MinGW standard. Then just hit mingw32-make on the new 0.44pre1 source code. Then you can do make install (make sure you are administrator if you are on vista/win7) to update your installation if you are.

To install it on Linux, either grab the PPA at (see this thread for detailed instructions, potential issues and updates on that package) if you are on Ubuntu, or just hit ‘make’ in the source code and then ‘sudo make install’.

We do have a newer MacOS X build! Just click the fancy rainbow apple on the main page. It still has some of the same issues it had before (Random bus errors, X11 window coordinates issues when resizing/moving things around), and apparently the source won’t build on Snow Leopard. Contributors who want to improve the Mac OS X support are more than welcome!

We now have a nice new forums system at The ones we had before wasn’t quite working for any of us. I like the new ones, please help us make them livelier than ever! I might in fact from this point on use that medium for announcements and other things I would otherwise have posted here. Having too many points of contacts (IRC, forums, blog, mailing list…) makes it quite difficult for everyone to focus and exchange all together, so I suggest we just stick to the forums as the general point of contact, and IRC for those who are into it.

So please make sure you register and participate in the new forums, and don’t be surprised if this blog is outdated (as it has been for most of its existence, let’s admit it, so I don’t think anyone will actually be surprised) and if this is the last post.

I’ll be seeing you in the forums and on IRC.



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