Recent changes

Lots of pending modifications since 0.44draft1 have been merged into the repository (too many to enumerate all of them!), paving the way for the forthcoming 0.44 release.  A second draft version (0.44draft2) is expected within a week.  Several important changes are already active in the repository:

Core eC:

* Class: ‘size’ member of the main class Class has been separated into typeSize and structSize which should result in simpler code (especially in templates) in addition to being a lot easier to deal with.
* Map: the Map container is being the focus of a stress test, both in terms of performance evaluation and consistency.


* X11: a major CPU bottleneck that occured during the initialization of the IDE, making bitmaps to be loaded as if they contained transparency information, is now fixed.


* Builds: everything has been rebuilt and tested, with positive reports on recently supported architectures like PowerPC.
* Documentor: API documentation has seen a lot of recent updates which are tightly integrated in the IDE/Documentor for easy access.

* COM: some changes related to the class finder introduced regressions, and have been backed off for the time being.
* IDE: improvements enabled the builder process to run slighthly faster while using less CPU.

Ecere Corp. would like to thank all contributors and supporters of Ecere SDK, (alphabetically) Charlie, Jérôme, Joey, and Redj.

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