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… or not

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

Well folks it seems Ecere has not been selected as a mentor organization for the Google Summer of Code 2009… Maybe we will try applying again next year. Sorry for all enthusiastic students who were hoping to participate with us.

The list of all accepted mentor organizations is now available.

Of course contributors are still welcome to participate in any of the projects on our roadmap. You won’t get the nice $$$ bonus, but you’ll still get the chance to learn a lot and work with us on making great software even much better.



Google Summer of Code 2009

Friday, March 13th, 2009

Today is the mentor organizations application deadline for the Google Summer of Code 2009 program in which Ecere really hopes to participate.

We’ve put together an ideas list up for prospective students. It’s available here:

If we get the chance to participate in this program, this could mean a lot to Ecere in terms of enhanced features and usability, as well as stirring a more active open source collaboration community. Please wish us the best of luck in being awarded this golden opportunity. We will keep you informed whether we were accepted or not as soon as the list of accepted mentor organizations is available (March 18, next Wednesday).

Whether we’re accepted or not, the projects mentioned in the ideas list are of course available for interested contributors to work on, and they draft the roadmap ahead for the new developments in Ecere for 2009.

We’ll also be working on the transition to a reorganized Ecere web site which hopefully will more adequately serve the community of users and developers, and present Ecere in a clearer and more attractive way.

On a side note, I realize it has been a while since last update… I have been mostly busy improving and putting to test the Ecere Data Access and its SQLite driver. There is no new release available yet, but in the coming weeks a second source draft of 0.44 should be released as soon as the most critical current issues are resolved.