The Ecere SDK and eC go Open Source

Hello everyone, sorry for the very few updates in the past few months.

Much development has happened lately focused on what has always been the calling for Ecere: a Free Open Source Software status, as well as a greater facility to deploy across multiple platforms.

The next major release (0.44) was to reach these objectives, and I was hoping for it to be ready earlier this fall.

Unfortunately things moved a little slower than expected, but I still have a present for the enthusiasts on this Christmas day: a fully automated self building Ecere source package. It makes use of a much improved bootstrapping system (thanks Joey Adams for thinking it through) directly generated from the actual eC sources of the compiler.

Recent work was done to test and improve the support for platforms such as Mac OS X and big-endian systems (such as PowerPC, PlayStation 3 Cell processor, SPARC machines, …). I will call this a Source Draft, because it has not undergone much testing yet (although this SDK version is what makes up my own development tools). I will not provide binaries at this moment either. An official 0.44 release should follow up within the next few weeks. This draft release however marks the very first officially open source (under the revised BSD license) Ecere SDK release.

Contributions will be most welcome, and much efforts will be put in the coming weeks to increase the support for a community by establishing a clear roadmap, improving the web site, and coordinating interested developers. You can help us make this upcoming release the most stable Ecere SDK to date. Please note that any contribution will need to have its copyright renounced to Ecere, which will then relicense the code to everyone under the BSD license.

Despite being mainly a the first open source release, this new version features many improvements such as an automatic bootstrapping/build system, an SQLite driver for the Ecere Data Access system, additional IDE configurations enabling the integration of cross compilers, lots of bug fixes (most likely some new bugs as well) … and a tab control.

Download Ecere SDK 0.44 Draft 1 Sources

Merry Christmas, and I wish you all a wonderful year 2009, may you find internal peace and happiness in these fast pace and often challenging times.

6 Responses to “The Ecere SDK and eC go Open Source”

  1. Wow, that’s excellent (and rather huge) news! All the best for Ecere and Ecere team! :-)

  2. two world says:

    but i’m make IDE project file show some error.
    i’m open /ide/ in ecere0.43 for windows, click “project”-”rebuild all”. the output view output more error in “src\dialogs\”
    src\dialogs\ warning: incompatible expression this.tabControl (TabControl); expected ecere::com::Instance
    src\dialogs\ error: unresolved identifier activeBorder
    src\dialogs\ error: couldn’t determine type of { left = 8, top = 8, right = 8, bottom = 40 }
    src\dialogs\ error: too many initializers for instantiation of class EditorTab
    src\dialogs\ error: couldn’t find member tabControl in class EditorTab

  3. two world says:

    i think read ecere’s source code is very difficult.
    i like read head file(.h) before read any source file(.c/.cpp/.ec). but ecere no has the head file…

  4. two world says:

    oh…not “/ide/”,is “/ide/ide.epj”..

  5. admin says:

    Hi there… You’re trying to build the IDE against the old ecere…

    Please use the Makefile.win32 to build the entire SDK 0.44 draft.

    After you have updated your installed binaries (Copied from the bin/ folder to C:\Program Files\Ecere SDK\bin or where you installed the SDK before) you will be able to use the ide.epj file.

    Ecere does not require header files, but you look at all exported constructs from a shared library (.dll / .so) by opening it in the documentor – F1 from the IDE).

    You also have all information in the IDE’s Autocomplete after you imported a shared library.

  6. 蜗牛 says:


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