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New Ecere SDK Release 0.42

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

I am pleased to announce the release 0.42 of the Ecere SDK, for both Windows and Linux.

It brings a long overdue undo/redo buffer to the IDE’s code editor, improved X support, improvements to the IDE and numerous bug fixes.

The new installer for Windows comes with a GCC 4.3 alpha MinGW and should install and compile on Windows Vista with much less difficulty than last release.

The Ecere Database Access system ( / EDA.dll) is included in this release, with two new samples making use of it: MedDB and EDATest. Please take a look at this wiki page for a quick walk through (draft) of using EDA and get in touch with me further assistance.

You will also notice a new / ec.dll which holds the compiler functionality. It is not required by applications built with the SDK, but shared by the IDE and compilation tools (you will notice they shrank in size).

The latest version of the programmer’s guide (a work in progress) is bundled as a PDF in a documentation folder as well.

Please register on the Mantis bug tracker to report any problem with this release.

Ecere SDK 0.42 for Windows – May 15, 2008

Ecere SDK 0.42 for Linux – May 15, 2008