Ecere programming book, Happy Holidays!

I realize it has already been two weeks since the last blog entry. I’ve previously mentioned I would resume the work on the Acovel Media Player as well as improving the IDE’s code editor (Undo is still a blatantly missing feature…). These things are still high in priority, but I started working on a new project which should turn out very valuable. Thus those goodies will not be ready in 2007 as I would have hoped, but they’re still coming sometime soon in the new year.

About the new project, despite the abundance of good samples, I believe the lack of documentation is a major reason for people hesitating to jump on using eC and the Ecere SDK. Filling up the API documentation reference would certainly be helpful, but I think an in depth guide on how to use these various technologies available in the SDK would be even more useful. That is why I decided to start writing a book.

The Ecere Tao of Programming will teach programming from the ground up, making use of all the tools making up the Ecere SDK. I haven’t totally decided yet on the distribution method, but I would like to print and publish hard cover editions. You can take a look at an excerpt from the first chapters as well as an overview of the table of the contents for the book here. The intent is for the book to be a thorough Programmer’s Guide for the SDK, while at the same time it should be able to teach basic programming using C and eC to previously non programmers. It will also cover advanced programming concepts such as 3D graphics, multithreading, networking and much more.

I would like to wish everybody very happy holidays, and a wonderful year 2008. Also, special thanks to every current and future Ecere SDK users for their support :)

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  1. dewai says:

    can’t wait the book :) esp. “Section 15 – Writing database applications”
    surely will boost eC

  2. Matt Grab says:

    Is it already written? I see there is an entire index which includes nice things, like how to show a file dialog box, and strings and more.

  3. admin says:

    I just finished writing the first section, “Programming in eC”, which teaches basic C and eC programming concepts.

    I am currently writing the next section on object oriented topics. I’m hoping to finish writing the book by May or so, and I may post updated versions online until then.

    Note that the SDK comes with numerous samples (The Chess game one being the one the book will cover in details) from which you can learn most of these things.

    Right now, strings in eC are basically C null terminated strings, with the standard C library string routines readily available, and a number of string related functions available in the core eC framework as well.

    And showing a file dialog box is quite easy: FileDialog dialog { }; if(dialog.Modal () == ok) { /* use dialog.filePath */ }

    I’m also fully available for support, either on / #ecere or through the forums or email, so don’t hesitate to start writing eC code =)

  4. ipluss says:

    hi, my friend
    I have a question, can someone use other program language to link to the ecere lib, or use the lib write by other language.

    for example, i want use eC to program a aplication, and i want use wincap lib.
    how can i do it ?

  5. admin says:

    What language is the wincap lib?

    It is possible to use C libraries from eC without any special effort, and flat C functionality of eC applications (no object oriented or eC specific feature) from a C program.

    To use another language such as C++, right now it can be done but only at a C interface level.

  6. kl says:

    hi: i am interested in the ecere, it looks great, i download the lasted release version for windows, but there are alway some errors when compiling the examples:

    Building project Test3DS using the Default configuration…
    MAKE Version 4.0 Copyright (c) 1987, 1996 Borland International
    Incorrect command line argument: -j1

    Incorrect command line argument: -C

    Syntax: MAKE [options ...] target[s]
    -B Builds all targets regardless of dependency dates
    -Dsymbol Defines symbol
    -Dsymbol=string Defines symbol to string
    -Idirectory Names an include directory
    -K Keeps (does not erase) temporary files created by MAKE
    -N Increases MAKE’s compatibility with NMAKE
    -S Swaps MAKE out of memory to execute commands.
    -W Writes all non-string options back to the .EXE file
    -Usymbol Undefine symbol
    -ffilename Uses filename as the MAKEFILE
    -dswapdir Writes MAKE’s swap file to swapdir
    -a Performs auto-dependency checks for include files
    -c Caches auto-dependency information
    -e Ignores redefinition of environment variable macros
    -i Ignores errors returned by commands
    -m Displays the date and time stamp of each file
    -n Prints commands but does not do them
    -p Displays all macro definitions and implicit rules
    -q Returns zero if target is up-to-date and nonzero
    if it is not (for use in batch files)
    -r Ignores rules and macros defined in BUILTINS.MAK
    -s Silent, does not print commands before doing them
    -? or -h Prints this message
    Options marked with ‘+’ are on by default. To turn off a default
    option follow it by a ‘-’, for example: -a-

    Test3DS.exe (Default) – no error, no warning

    some suggestions? thx in advance

  7. admin says:

    Hi there, it seems the IDE is picking up your Borland make instead of its own Make…

    You could verify in File / Global Settings if you have the path to where your make.exe included in Program Files/Ecere SDK/mingw/bin is.

    Next thing to try I would suggest doing a Find for your other make.exe which could be in Delphi or another Borland product you have installed and temporarily renaming it to something else to see if it fixes the problem.

    Let me know how it goes!


  8. kl says:

    to admin : thx for your suggestion. now it goes well, the problem is :there is another make.exe file located under “C:\WINDOWS\system32″, it was download a long time ago and i forgot.

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