Ecere Communicator


Here’s a very early version of Ecere Communicator for you to try it out.

(Download Windows Executable – zip’ed / Linux Executable – tar’ed)

Communicator can now let you do instant messaging across the Jabber (including Google Talk), AIM/ICQ and MSN protocols.

For some strange reasons a few people were unable to connect to the MSN network, and an error 923 was returned.

Error 923 is said to be an unauthorized .NET kid passport… If anyone has any insight on what that is? 🙂

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  1. Mr.Brand says:

    Kid passport sounds like the owner is under 18. Microsoft are currently separating by age this way, but there’s also a problem with Live accounts not being switched to adult mode once the owner turns 18.

  2. admin says:

    Some of my friends (over 18 :P) are having trouble logging on MSN through Ecere Communicator, but no trouble with MSN software… Ironically, my little brother who is under 18, logged in just fine 😉 I would love to know how to fix that… Anyone else having problems logging on MSN?

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